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MiAD Mobile, designed especially for media sales reps, empowers you to instantly customize, and show, professionally designed print and digital (web) ad presentations for all your advertising prospects right on your iPad.

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  1. Download the MiAD Mobile app at the Apple App Store
  2. Log in with your existing Metro User Id and Password, or set up a test user ID and password
  3. Choose and select from a library of thousands of ad designs to create two free spec presentations, with up to four ads in each
  4. Personalize, present and sell the print, Web or combo you have created

Begin your Free Trial today so you can see for yourself how easy it is to close more sales. Then, enjoy the revenue and commission you have already made.

At only $19.95/mo. per user, or $14.95/mo. per user for five or more users, you have everything to gain with MiAD Mobile!


• Provides thousands of print & digital ad design options
• Utilizes intuitive tablet interface
• Saves sales and production time
• Retains advertiser contact info
• Automates drop in of advertiser info
• Provides ad editing options
• Creates spec ad presentations
• Optimizes presentations to advertisers
• Archives presentations
• Facilitates communication with advertisers and team
• Enables offline presentations

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MiAD Mobile v2.1.0

Released on April 22, 2014
  • New
    • Primary feature is offline support. When you're offline / in airplane mode you will still be able to accesses and show recent presentations.

      The App caches your most recent 20 presentations plus other presentations (owned by other sales reps) you've recently viewed.

      Offline presentations can viewed in gallery mode and also support updating Spec Ad status and editing notes - this is to allow recording of customer feedback during an offline presentation.

      Added Functions:
      • Delete presentations
      • Infinite scrolling of search results (well up to 480 items)
      • Trial support
      • In App Registration
      • logout support
      • Synchronization of offline changes

      Other Enhancements / Changes:
      • More responsive carousels
      • Updated Search criteriea
      • Added Print / Web accounts to Spec Ad tab
      • "Toast" style fading notifications
      • Changed Presentations Black & White to a default value for new Ads (instead of changing all ads dynamically)
      • Merged Advertiser "Full Name" and "Name' to single "Business Name" field
      • Auto reset of search result position changing between portrait/landscape
      • Spec Ad/Material /Presentations Thumbnails left justify on last line (instead of spreading out)
      • Added Thumbnails to Sped Ad Info & email dialogs
      • Moved Presentation share functions from Tap & hold on thumbnail to a button on Spec Ad tab
      • Instant addition to materials screen of local photos (used to be delay waiting for server preview)
      • Single Step Advertiser creation (no dialog first)
      • Use of Cancel & Save/Create buttons in all instances where data is changed
      • Optimized display & caching of local contacts
      • Clickable Advertisers on Home page
      • Hidden panel for changing servers (staging QA etc)
      • automatic error reporting and app recovery
      • Improved validation & error dialogs
      • Broken image reload
      • Improvement in touch responsiveness
      • Optimized server side rendering (more parallel processing)

      # # #

      About Metro Creative Graphics

      Metro Creative Graphics, Inc. is a leading provider of advertising, creative and editorial resources designed to help media companies make money with their print, Web, social, and mobile products. With an unparalleled dedication to providing the finest resources available for ready-to-use images, spec ads, ideas, stock-quality photos, logos/trademarks, auto manufacturer photos, marketing/sales materials, copyright-free editorial features, print templated sections, online e-Sections, and groundbreaking digital ad development tools — plus custom image, ad design, and editorial services — Metro remains unmatched in serving the creative needs of today’s media companies.

Getting Started

Download Getting Started Guide PDF

In Three Easy Steps:

Log in with your Metro password (same as desktop MiAD and MCC).

Step 1

    1. Set up your advertiser
      A. Tap the “Advertisers” button top left.
      B. Import or create a new Advertiser and add a category (optional). Accuracy is important, as the information you enter will populate the ads.

Step 2

    1. Create a new Presentation – a collection of spec ads and any other associated images or reference material to present to your advertiser.
      A. Go to "Presentations" tab, tap "+New Presentation" and name it.
      B. Tap "+Add Spec Ads". If you entered a category in the Advertiser details page then this will be your default search, but you can change it in the search bar at the top, if needed.
      C. Tap each ad to add them to your Presentation and tap "Done" when finished. The ads will render (indicated by the status bar below) and the default information in each ad will be replaced with the customized advertiser information.
      D. Add Materials to your presentations in the "Materials" tab (optional).
    2. Tap the "i" if you want to view and customize information for an individual ad.

Step 3

    1. Present the spec ads to the advertiser.
      A. Tap an ad to enter Presentation mode – swipe through ad previews or play a slideshow. Tap X to exit.
      B. Tap the light bulb to label each ad based on the advertiser's feedback – Approved, Idea, Like, Don't like, Trash.
      C. Tap the "i" to add notes for the advertiser and/or production.
    2. E-mail the ad and any notes to the advertiser and/or production or print it by tapping and holding an ad.



Who can I call for help?

If you have questions or need support, please call Metro's Client Services Team at 800-223-1600 or e-mail


How do I create a new Advertiser?

From the Home screen, tap the "Advertisers" button at the top left. At the bottom right, tap "Create New Advertiser". Enter the information in the appropriate fields. Accuracy is important, as the information you enter will populate the ads.

How do I import an Advertiser from my iPad Contacts?

From the Home screen, tap the "Advertisers" button at the top left. At the bottom right, tap "Import Advertiser". This will bring up your iPad Contacts to select from there. You can add a category and edit any other information in the designated fields.

How do I edit information for an Advertiser that has already been set up?

From the Home screen, tap the "Advertiser" button at the top left. From the Advertiser page, tap the Advertiser's name from the list (this will show you any Presentations) then tap the Advertiser's name at the top and you'll see the "Information" tab at the bottom right to edit any of the fields.

How do I add a contact for an Advertiser?

Select the Advertiser and go to the "Contacts" tab at the bottom. You can either import one from your iPad Contacts or create a new one.

How do I assign/edit a category for an Advertiser?

Select the Advertiser, tap the “Advertiser” button and go to the Information tab. Enter the category in the "Category" field.

Why do I see Advertisers in my list that I did not create?

Your list contains Advertisers that have been entered by everyone throughout your company. You can search for a specific Advertiser.

How can I e-mail an ad to my Advertiser?

Tap and hold an ad and select "Send to Customer" to e-mail the ad to the Advertiser. There is a "Message" field that you can use to include any notes to the Advertiser.


How do I create a Presentation?

Select the Advertiser from the Advertiser list then tap "+ New Presentation" at the top right. Name it then tap "+ Add Spec Ads".

How do I access a Presentation that has already been created?

From the Home screen you can select it from "My Presentations" or, from the Advertiser list, select the Advertiser then the Presentation.

How do I add materials to a Presentation?

You can include materials to associate with your Presentation by tapping "Materials" (bottom right). Along the bottom you'll see options to:

Take Photo – use the camera on your iPad to take a photos of things like employees, agents, cars, houses, even things like other ads, flyers and menus that might be useful for design/color ideas.

Add Photo – pull images from the photo gallery on the iPad. You can also include image ideas/logos saved on your device from Web Sites.

Add Artwork – search Metro's Images Library to select images.

What kind of materials can I include with my Presentation?

Use the Take Photo option to use the camera on your iPad to take a photos of things like employees, agents, cars, houses, even things like other ads, flyers and menus that might be useful for design/color ideas.

Add Photo enables you to pull images from the photo gallery on the iPad. You can also include image ideas/logos saved on your device from Web Sites.

Add Artwork gives you access to search and add content from Metro's Images Library.

How do I change the color preference for an ad?

To change the color preferences of an ad, tap the "i" and change the "Black & White" option.

If you are creating a black & white Presentation, before adding any ads, set the "Black & White" option on the Presentation (under "New Spec Ad Default Format") so that all new ads will be black & white.

How do I change the headline and/or copy for an ad or Presentation?

To change the headline for an entire Presentation, go to the "Information" tab of the Presentation and type the headline in the appropriate field. If you want to change it only for an individual ad, tap the "i" and change it in the "Headline" field.

How do I enter and exit Presentation mode?

Tap an ad to enter Presentation mode. Here you can swipe through the ad previews or view a slideshow. To exit, tap a preview to display the toolbar at the bottom and tap the "X".

How can I zoom into an ad?

From in the Presentation mode, double tap an ad or pinch to zoom in and then double tap again to view the original size.

Can I narrow down my searches?

Yes. If you entered a category in the Advertiser details page then this will be your default search, but you can change it in the search bar at the top. Tap the "Options" button to further narrow your search by Medium, Type and/or Size.

What do the "P"s and "W"s mean next to the ads?

Ads with a "P" are print ads and ads with a "W" are Web/Digital ads. You can narrow your search for one or the other in the Search "Options" menu.


How does production access my ads?

Tap and hold an ad and select "Send to Production" to e-mail the approved spec ads to production for further customizing. By tapping the "i" on an ad, you can include Production Notes that will be sent with the e-mail. All ads and materials can also be accessed via "desktop" MiAD in the My Ads and My Artwork tabs by searching with the Metro reference number. Alternatively, the MCC Template Number can be used to find and download the original Quark or InDesign file in MCC.

Can I include notes on an ad for production?

Yes. When you tap and hold on an ad and select either e-mail option, there is a "Message" field where you can type notes. Also, if you tap the "i" (information) icon on an ad, you can add a caption which will be included in an e-mail if you send the ad to the Advertiser. Production Notes can also be entered and they will be included in an e-mail if the ad is sent to Production.


I tried to import an Advertiser/Photo and got a message that says "MiAD would like to Access Your Contacts"; what should I do?

Tap "OK". You will be accessing information from outside of the app so it requires permission. You will only get this message the first time you import an Advertiser or a Photo.

Can I print an ad?

Yes, if you have access to a wireless printer. Tap and hold an ad and select the Print option.

How do I get to the Login screen?

From the Metro Home screen, tap your name at the top.

Can I create ads in Desktop MiAD and open them in MiAD Mobile?

Right now, MiAD Mobile does not support accessing ads created in Desktop MiAD, but you can access ads created in MiAD Mobile in Desktop MiAD.

Can I create ads in MiAD Mobile and open them in Desktop MiAD?

Yes. The ads can be retrieved in the My Ads tab (materials in My Artwork) of Desktop MiAD for greater text and image control. Once changes have been made in Desktop MiAD, they will be visible in MiAD Mobile. The mobile version will then be locked to changes, but a new ad using the same template can easily be created, if needed.

What are the Top Ad Sales Prospects along the top of the Metro Home screen?

These ads are based on research of the categories of businesses that advertise the most in the current month. Use them to help plan your prospect list.

What is the difference between "My Presentations" and "Recent Presentations" on the Metro Home screen?

"My Presentations" is a collection of the most recent Presentations that you have created for quick access while "Recent Presentations" are the recent Presentations created by others in your company.


  • Metro Creative Graphics hits a homerun!

    "In a nutshell, this app, coupled with MiAD's desktop version, will give advertising salespeople the advantage they need on the road and in the office.

    You can literally create an advertising presentation in less than ten minutes.

    I was honored to be involved in the BETA testing of this app and used it to make eight presentations all of which resulted in a sale. That is a 100% close rate.

    You can make spec ads the old fashioned way, or move into the 21st century and let your iPad do more for you than send email and play games.

    This app freaking rocks! Plain and simple. "

    Guy R. Mathews, Multimedia Sales Executive


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